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Venice Schedule ~ Splendid Mola



Tuesday/Thursday       6:45 pm – 8:00 pm    Multi Level Groove Yoga (Vinyasa)

Yoga Nest Venice
8 Washington Blvd.
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292
(323) 546-9610

For those who like your yoga funky, we salute you! Lori’s classes at Yoga Nest Venice are vigorous Vinyasa classes set to an eclectic mix of music, carefully soundtracked to bring you deeper into your practice. The first half of the class features flowing standing poses to build heat; the second half usually finds us on the mat doing backbends, hip openers, and twists. We close with a generous Savasana (rest pose).


Enroll in What Matters Most: Befriending Your Beliefs (January 24)

Enroll in Soothing the Inner Critic: Transforming the Voices that Confine Us (January 31)



Alignment Clinics – these will be repeated every 3-4 months; dates will show when the next one is scheduled

Downward Dog, Forward Fold, Halfway Position, & the Transitions Between

Yoga Nest Venice

Downward dog is one of the most commonly practiced yoga poses. Once you understand the alignment for this pose, you understand it for many other poses as well. Join us as we go through detailed alignment instruction as well as individualized modifications for this spine-lengthening pose! No yoga experience necessary.


The Vinyasa Sequence: Plank, Cataranga, Upward Dog, & Transitions Between
Yoga Nest Venice

The vinyasa sequence of plank, chataranga, and upward dog are repeated countless times in many flow classes, and yet many of us never fully understand how to place our bodies for optimal healing (and to prevent repetitive motion injuries).  Bring your questions and injuries; we will go through personalized modifications as well as general alignment.

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