Tales of Sea & Circus

An original online serial by Lori Snyder | Illustrations by Lisa Occhipinti

36: A Small Mutiny

“GIVE ME THAT,” Trixie Franklin demanded, holding out her hand.

Absently, Jenna handed over the first five pages. She was still reading the rest.

Trixie squinted at the print, then rummaged through her bag for the glasses she never let anyone see she wore and slipped them on. A tiny crease appeared between her eyebrows as she read.

“What?” she muttered. “No. I would never say that. Or that. Is it all like this?”

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35: A Meeting of Friends

GABRIEL ZACARTE HAD SEEN plenty of shows in his time. He had worked with amazing casts of performers, the best in the world. He had seen acts that, even though he himself had imagined them from the ground up, left him speechless with delight when they became tangible. He had seen the magic that happens between audience and performers, between the performers themselves, on those nights where some subtle shift in awareness happened for everyone involved.

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34: Winged and Read

GETTING HER PREGNANT SELF out of the rows of seats at the Circus of Lost and Found was even more challenging than getting in had been. By the time Trixie Franklin made her way out of the row, down the aisle and out into the yard, she had to go to the bathroom. Again. And by the time she got out of the ladies, what with the crazy long line, they were already chiming everyone back into their seats. She had just enough time to find Youssef and apologize, meet the two women he was with, and get back to her seat.

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