S&C_cover_image_NU“GIVE ME THAT,” Trixie Franklin demanded, holding out her hand.

Absently, Jenna handed over the first five pages. She was still reading the rest.

Trixie squinted at the print, then rummaged through her bag for the glasses she never let anyone see she wore and slipped them on. A tiny crease appeared between her eyebrows as she read.

“What?” she muttered. “No. I would never say that. Or that. Is it all like this?”

“Pretty much,” said Jenna. “What do you think?”

“It needs to be rewritten. All of it.”

“We can’t. It’s due today.”

Trixie lowered the pages and looked over the top of her glasses. “Jenna, this isn’t like your TV show, where a missed day means millions of dollars and a bunch of pissed-off crazy people. This is just us. We made up our deadlines, remember? Besides, it’s time for a break.” She shook the pages and made a face. “Clearly.”

Jenna contemplated this. She wouldn’t mind a little time off; shooting a series was exhilarating and wonderful, and also way more work than she had ever imagined. She was tired all the time. “How long do you think?” she asked.

“Just a couple weeks. Long enough for this,” Trixie smacked the pages with the back of her knuckles, “to be fixed, but not so long everyone forgets about us.”

“Shouldn’t we ask the others?” said Jenna. “I don’t want anyone to be mad.”

“Nah.” Tribe took her glasses off and stuffed them back into her purse. “Trust me. They’ll thank us. Especially LeeLee. That poor girl needs some time to herself.”

“Okay,” said Jenna. “I’ll let everyone know.”

“Cool,” said Trixie. “Stop by for dinner later? Bring the gang. We can go over new ideas.”

“Sure,” said Jenna. “See you.”

Tales of Sea & Circus will return in Winter 2015/16, 
after Trixie has had a chance to calm down.

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