Soothing Your Inner Critic: A Writers Happiness Workshop


Ever think you’re not good enough?


Or that you should already be finished what you’re writing?

Or that you’re waaaaay behind as a writer (or human)?

Or that you’ll never be as good as [insert writer you admire], so why bother?

Or that your process is lame?

Or that you don’t work hard enough,fast enough, or anything enough?


If you’re a writer, chances are you said yes to at least one of these. You probably already know how debilitating the inner critic can be when it comes to writing, let alone to the rest of our lives. After all, this internal voice can easily get in the way of us being our best, happiest, and truest selves.

But when we take the time to figure out what this voice actually wants, it not only begins to pipe the hell down; it also starts to do what it’s there for in the first place: help us.

This Writers Happiness workshop is all about understanding your own personal inner critic at its most fundamental. It’s also about gathering tools for soothing and quieting your inner critic… or, if that doesn’t work, locking it in another room when you need to so you can go about creating the work that only you can create.

Open to writers of any kinds or experience, this combination of lecture, discussion, journaling, breathwork, mindfulness, and compassion practices is designed to open up entirely new avenues for creativity, joy, and perhaps a slightly more sheepish and quiet inner critic. Bring a notebook and pen and wear comfortable clothing.



WHEN: Saturday, April 28 1:30 – 4:30 pm
WHERE: Yoga Nest Venice, 38 W Washington Blvd, MDR, 90292
COST: $45 in advance/ $55 at the door




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If you prefer not to use PayPal, please email me to reserve your spot



A few important notes: first, there is no dedicated parking for Yoga Nest Venice, and it’s right at the beach on the corner of Washington and Pacific. Which means, springtime beach parking. Which means, you can either park in the public pay lot at the end of Washington Blvd., right at the water, or you can search for parking several blocks away and walk in. Beach traffic can be nasty if it’s a nice day, so keep that in mind as well. Either way, plan a decent amount of extra time for getting here and parking (and maybe walking down the beach, as long as you’re here!).

Next, we will be using blankets, bolsters, and cushions to get comfy on the floor of the yoga studio. If you need a real chair, please let me know in advance so I can arrange for that.