Cheerleading • Accountability • Deadlines • Coaching

I like helping people do the things they know they want to do. Sometimes we need someone holding us accountable. Sometimes we need someone reminding us we have something to say. Sometimes we need someone giving us deadlines.

I offer three different packages for writers needing to get something done. The basic is $50/mo. It includes one 30-minute phone call (the first month only) to set up what it is you need, and then unlimited email support from then on out to make it happen.

If you want me to read your writing and give feedback, the basic package above plus 1/2 hour of editing or feedback is $95/mo. With an additional hour of editing/feedback time, it’s $135/mo.

There is no contract and no commitment after the first month. You can change to any package at any time. I’m here for as long as you need someone to help you get your lovely and important words out of your head and onto the page. I

f you’re interested, drop me a note and we’ll talk.